What defines us

Enthusiasm is our tool of choice

Enthusiasm is our tool of choice

From university students to startup grant recipients forming their own company; this is the story of Peerigon. There is one reason we have made it this far after 10 years: The love for what we do and the enthusiasm for technology that continues to unite us. We began as a company of four employees before adding a fifth, all of whom became the Peerigon founders we have to this day. And since then they have been joined by an incredible team on-site and a large community that we are lucky to have supporting us. But back to the beginning...

    Every agency begins with a good story.

    For us it began with the 2009 summer semester project at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, where we were developing our first joint web application called RoomiePlanet – an app for organizing all the tasks and needs that come with sharing a flat. It was noticed not only by our fellow students and professors, but also by Exist, a start-up grant from Germany and the European Union. Shortly after we would receive approval. For us it was a confirmation that we were on the right track; it gave us the necessary time to officially establish our company in 2012 and to develop the foundations of the company culture we have today.

    Countless late nights and pair programming sessions later, we finally had the first alpha version of our app – which had evolved to helping friend groups of all varieties – based on Node.js and JavaScript finished. And to bring the app further, we successfully applied for the Flügge Founder's Scholarship in 2013. During this time we developed several of our Open Source modules and gained a deep knowledge of modern web development and cutting edge technologies.

    The years since our founding

    In 2014 we set up shop at the Augsburg Startup Center - our current headquarters. It was an intense initial period that shaped the way we trust and collaborate with each other. Working at Peerigon means trying our best to live the following values: diversity and respect. Code quality. Sustainability. Independence and team spirit. Today we are over 20 developers, thought leaders, and knowledge-sharers who are enthusiastic about web development. A versatile team with a unified vision.

    Our journey to B Corp

    Since the time of Peerigon’s founding, we tried to make sure that fairness, respect, and transparency aren’t just a nice add-on, but an essential part of leading a successful business. In spring 2019, we took the courage to have our sustainability efforts measured. After three years of intensive B Corp assessment, we could finally prove that alongside profit, purpose lies at the heart of our practice, and became part of a community of 5000 companies such as Patagonia, The Guardian, and Ecosia. As a B Corp, we are committed to the long-term success of our clients and their software, to create great work that stands the test of time.

    Group image of the five Peerigon founders

    Through our convictions we have developed a unique programming and company culture. We want to share both. As thought leaders and knowledge sharers, as promoterers and supporterers, in lectures, workshops and at conferences.

    Peerigon Founders

    Michael, Stephan, Johannes, Matthias and Paul

    What the name name "Peerigon" stands for

    We are Peerigon: a team of like-minded people who are enthusiastic about the countless possibilities of the web and who are committed to our surroundings. The brand PEERIGON is an artificial word made up of two complementary terms. The Greek "Perigon" stands for a form where pieces harmoniously arrange around a center - that is our way of working. The English term "peer" means equal - that is our way of thinking.


    Our Mission | Moving forward together

    Successful software puts people front and center. This principle is crucial to us from the very beginning of a development project. When we say we work together, we value "together" just as much as "work". First and foremost, we ensure there is mutual respect between our customers and employees.


    Development of our voting app Konsens | Our tool for simplifying decision-making

    How can we guarantee democratic co-determination in the company? How can we make our group decisions fairer, more private, more practical? You’ll say: for a team that consists mainly of programmers and web developers, surely there must be a solution to this problem? Well, we developed a voting app. Our co-determination tool Konsens facilitates group decisions, whether in the office or from home. We hosted Konsens as an online app in Germany and made it freely accessible to other companies or individuals.

    Who we work for.


    The direct line to Peerigon

    We are partners you can rely on, so come and meet us. Whether you are a new customer or a new team member, we are looking forward to hearing from you.







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