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Clear communication and a respectful scope with personal matters - these are the foundations of any good relationship. At Peerigon, we are committed to protecting your personal data as well as your privacy.

1. Information regarding the collection of personal data

(1) In the following, we will inform you about the collection of personal data during the use of our website. Personal data is all data which can be related to you, for example your name, address, email address and user behavior.

(2) The party responsible according to Art. 4 paragraph 7 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is

Peerigon GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6 – Gebäude 9
D-86159 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 – 907 80 86 0

Feel free to contact our data security engineer at or our postal address. Please make sure to include “For the attention of the data security engineer” in the address.

(3) If you contact us via email or a contact form, we will store the data you communicate to us (your email address, and your name and phone number if applicable) in order to reply to you. We will either delete the data collected in this context once it is not necessary anymore or limit the processing if we are legally obliged to retain the data.

(4) In case we use the services of commissioned service providers for certain functions which are part of our offer or would like to use your data for promotional purposes, we will inform you in detail about any action we are taking as mentioned below. This will include the defined criteria of the storage duration.

2. Your rights

(1) We are obliged to grant you the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • right of information
  • right of correction or deletion
  • right of limiting the data processing
  • right to object to the data processing
  • right to transfer data.

(2) In addition, you are entitled to complain about the processing of your personal data by us at a data privacy supervisory body. The responsible data privacy supervisory body is:

Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht
Promenade 27 (Castle)
D-91522 Ansbach
Phone: 0049 (0) 981 53 1300
Fax: 0049 (0) 981 53 98 1300

3. Collection of personal data when using our website

(1) If you only use our website for informational purposes, which means that you do not register with us or send us information in any other way, we only collect the personal data which your browser transmits to our server. If you want to take a look at our website, we collect the following data – which is relevant to us from a technical point of view – in order to display our website and to guarantee stability as well as security (the legal foundation is Art. 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter f GDPR):

  • IP address (anonymized)
  • date and time of the request
  • time zone difference with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • content of the request (the actual page)
  • access status/HTTP status code
  • respectively transmitted data volume
  • website which sent the request
  • browser
  • operation system and its user interface
  • language and version of the browser software.

(2) In addition to the data mentioned above cookies will also be stored on your computer if you use our website. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your hard drive and linked to the browser you used and which help the party which sets up the cookie (in this case us) to collect certain information. Cookies cannot execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They are used to make the internet offer in general more user-friendly and effective.

(3) Use of cookies: a) This website uses the following types of cookies whose scope and function are described as follows:

  • transient cookies (see b)
  • persistent cookies (see c).

b) Transient cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. This includes especially the session cookies. They store a so-called session ID with which the various requests of your browser can be linked to the shared session. This means that your computer can be recognized when you return to our website. The session cookies are deleted once you log out or close your browser.

c) Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a predefined period of time which can vary depending on each cookie. You can delete the cookies anytime in your browser’s security preferences.

d) You can configure your browser settings as you wish and refuse, for example, accepting third-party cookies or even all cookies. We would like to point out that you may not be able to use all functions of this website if you restrict the use of cookies.

Do you agree with this?

4. Other functions and offers of our website

(1) Apart from the exclusively informational use of our website, we are offering various services which you can use if you are interested. In order to do this, you are usually required to submit additional personal data which we use to provide the respective service and to which the above-mentioned data privacy principles apply.

(2) We partly use the services of external service providers in order to process your data. We have selected these providers with great care and commissioned them, they have to follow our instructions and are controlled on a regular basis.

5. Objection to or revocation of the processing of your data

(1) If you have agreed to the processing of your data, you are entitled to cancel this agreement anytime. Such a cancellation influences the legitimacy of the processing of your personal data once you have informed us of it.

(2) You can object to the processing of your data to the extent to which we base the data processing on the weighing of interests. This is the case if the data processing is especially not necessary for the completion of a contract which you have placed with us. We have described this respectively in the following description of the functions. If you do cancel the agreement, please state your reasons as to why you would like us to stop processing your personal data. In case of a justified objection, we will investigate the circumstances and either stop or adapt the data processing. Or we may have reasons which force us to continue with the data processing and which are worthy of protection. We will naturally explain our reasons to you in detail.

(3) You can object to the processing of your personal data for promotional and data analysis purposes anytime, of course. Please use the following contact information to inform us about your objection:

Peerigon GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6 – Gebäude 9
D-86159 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 – 907 80 86 0

6. Use of Matomo

(1) This website uses the web analytical platform Matomo in order to analyze the use of our website and to be able to improve it continually. Using the obtained statistics, we can improve our offer and make it more interesting for you. The legal foundation for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter f GDPR.

(2) For this analysis, cookies (for more information see point 3) are stored on your computer. The information collected this way is stored by us exclusively on our server in Germany. You can stop the analysis by deleting existing cookies and preventing the storage of cookies. If you prevent the storage of cookies, we will inform you that you may not be able to use this website to its full extent. You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing your browser preferences accordingly. You can prevent the use of Matomo by declining under paragraph 3 above.

(3) The website uses Matomo with the add-on “AnonymizeIP”. It shortens IP addresses before they are processed which makes the direct identification of a person impossible. The IP address which is transmitted by your browser and identified by Matomo is not added to any other data we collect.

7. Integration of Mapbox

This Site uses Mapbox, a location data and map service for mobile and web applications by Mapbox Inc. (1714 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009-4309 United States
When visiting our website, information about the use of this website is transmitted to Mapbox, including your IP address, which is deleted after 30days. Map contents are transmitted directly from Mapbox to your browser via the direct connection established with your browser and are integrated into the website from there. We therefore have no influence on the data collected. If you do not want any data to be processed by Mapbox, deactivate JavaScript in your browser settings. This will, however, result in you being unable to use the map settings.

You can find more information about the collection and processing of your data here:

8. Hosting on Vercel and Hygraph

(1) To provide the best user experience, we have decided to use modern hosting services. In doing so, personal data (e.g., IP address) is transferred to companies based in the USA. There is no adequacy decision of the EU Commission for the USA. There are also no appropriate safeguards for the transfer of personal data. Therefore, there is a risk that personal data may be processed incorrectly or insecurely or may be accessed and further processed by third parties, or that data subject rights may not be enforced.
For more information please refer to Vercel’s privacy page: and

9. Embeds and content integration

When given consent, we use embeds to optimize our offers and to provide you with interesting content. For example, we enrich blog articles with third-party content; some such content may come from social networks or other companies in the USA. These are not loaded without your consent (Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a) DSGVO) to protect your data. You can give or revoke this consent on each corresponding page.

In the event of consent, data may be transmitted to these services and cookies may be set. This may include, for example, IP address, browser, page accessed or time. If you have an account with the respective service, account data may also be transmitted to this service provider. The transmission of your data may also occur outside the EU due to the location of the companies.

For detailed information on what data is involved with the services, how it is processed and what rights you have, please read the privacy policies of the companies. Here you will find more detailed information on data processing and setting options to protect your privacy:

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