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Two UX designers during a lean inception workshop

At Peerigon, our approach to UX/UI Design is rooted in clarity and problem-solving. We bring together the perspectives of users, business and technology to develop software that's truly user-centric. Our goal is simple yet profound: to create software that solves real-world problems, works effectively, and genuinely benefits your users.

Simplify, Enhance, Engage | User Experience Design

Our UX/UI services strongly emphasize User Experience (UX), a crucial factor for a product's success. This means ensuring that the structure and organization of information on the user interface are logically arranged, easily understood and accessible. Especially in the B2B sector, a positive User Experience not only contributes to a higher level of product acceptance. Our UX Design also ensures that users achieve their goals efficiently and can deal with challenges and tasks with ease.

User Interface Design | User-Centered UI Solutions

How do buttons, icons, colors, and fonts come together to create a good user experience? Our UI designers understand the nature of the web and consider essential design factors to ensure a consistent and engaging experience across various platforms. Typographic choices enhance visual balance and readability. Prioritizing accessibility (A11y) ensures that all users can use a product seamlessly. And responsive design guarantees that your product works optimally on various devices and screen sizes.

From A for accessibility to Z for Zeitgeist sensitivity: Reach out to us and let's discover how our UX/UI team can assist you.

Your contact: Judith Urban, Head of UX/UI

Why good UX/UI also increases developer velocity

We are convinced that effective UX/UI Design enhances collaboration and boosts the efficiency of app development itself. Here are several reasons for that:

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Laptop with a Figma User Interface Design
Sketches and Wireframes of a mobile app
UX Designer in front of two screens with Wireframes

What sets Peerigon UX/UI Design apart?

1. Collaborative Workflow and Integration

Our approach is characterized by the seamless integration of design and development, without the traditional phase shifts. We call this Usability Engineering: It creates an interdisciplinary environment where team members from all relevant roles work hand in hand to integrate design and development directly into various work situations. This close collaboration promotes continuous exchange and the integration of insights from various perspectives.

2. Teamwork and Stakeholder Engagement

Creating an outstanding User Experience requires the active involvement of all stakeholders, including users, customers, developers, product owners, agile coaches and usability engineers. We create an environment where ideas and expertise from different viewpoints come into play, allowing us to achieve the best possible results and learn from each other.

3. Empowering B2B and Internal Process Digitalization

We bring together specialized professionals for e.g. B2B software projects and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to develop outstanding UX/UI solutions. Our long-term goal is to make ourselves redundant as quickly as possible by promoting the self-sufficiency and sustainability of our clients.



Better beginnings for better outcomes |

MVP Workshop

An MVP-Lean-Inception Workshop marks the starting point where we integrate principles from Lean UX, Lean Startup, Design Thinking and agile development. Together we clarify requirements, create user stories and outline the key components of a software product. Throughout the workshop, we validate various aspects, including UX, business requirements, and technical considerations, while identifying potential efficiencies. Our joint objective: to define the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and thus set the stage for a seamless implementation.

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