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JavaScript Community | We cast a world-wide web.

Whether international conferences, Nodeschool in Munich or Web&Wine at our headquarters in Augsburg: We share our knowledge wherever the latest developments in JavaScript are taking place. Will we run into each other at the next event?

On the road again! Here's where you can meet us.

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Software Development Lectures | Hear the word on the street.

Since 2013, we have been holding regular lectures and presentations on current and upcoming technologies. Hear for yourself: at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg or, since 2019, at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

Lectures in Augsburg


Nodeschool | Learning and developing together.

Programming is learning by doing, which is why we have been organizing the free NodeSchool since 2015. Everyone can learn programming. Whether for beginners or advanced users, the open source workshops provide an introduction to Node.js and web technologies. The Peerigon mentors and volunteers are there and happy to support you.

Peerigon sponsoring at a JavaScript event

Sponsoring | Returning the favor.

It is part of our company culture to give back - professionally, but also financially. That's why we support the community tech events like the JS CraftCamp in Munich, the Hackerkiste in Augsburg, and support founders and start-ups.


Talks | Valuable knowledge transfer.

Even the greatest of knowledge is useless if it isn't passed on. We ensure there's no risk of that. At conferences and meetups. With lectures on the subject of Web & App. Helping to build a great community.

Lectures and talks from our team

Peerigon developers at the JS Craft Camp
A Peerigon developer during a workshop at the ReactiveConf
Two Peerigon web developers at the Hackerkiste conference in Augsburg
Johannes Ewald and Sean Larkinn at the Reactive Conf in Prague

Code not up to snuff? Book a Peerigon workshop for your team now!

To our full stack training program

Network and Events


"To reinvent the wheel every time is not our thing. We prefer to use our time to create new tools or improve existing ones. That is why open source is so important to us. It's a give and take. And as for the software itself, open standards only offer advantages: Flexibility, no license costs, high standards through external contributors, and they are more future-proof."

Michael Jaser and Johannes Ewald

Peerigon Co-founders

We love Open Source.

Why? Because the solution to almost any problem can be found there. Because the open standards of web technology shorten development times and streamline costs. And because crowd-sourced knowledge increases compatibility, quality and reach of the projects that take advantage of it.


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A selection of our open source modules



What it can do:

updtr simplifies updating Node modules. After updating a dependency to the latest version, updtr checks if the tests still succeed. If this is not the case, the changes will be rolled back.



What it can do:

A bridge between Node and PhantomJS which communicates directly with PhantomJS processes and provides a clean API.



What it can do:

A Node.js module providing easy dependency injection for unit testing. Also available as a plugin for Webpack.


Webpack Loader

What it can do:

Webpack loaders make it simple to process specific source files during build time. We developed loaders for popular preprocessors like Sass, LESS and more.



What it can do:

The modular microframework – for real-time JavaScript applications. Our Peerigon app uses the universal alamid framework on both server and client.



What it can do:

An Amazon DynamoDB client for Node.js, developed for the medical technology startup



What it can do:

Universal module for descriptive error messages through metadata.



What it can do:

Small but very useful: This module splits an URL into subdomain, domain and top-level domain.



What it can do:

Extension for the JavaScript testing framework Mocha which writes the output of xUnit into a file.

We are proud members of the Open Source Community

Do you share our enthusiasm for the JavaScript community? What challenges and problems do you face every day? Do you need speakers for your conference? Or active support for a local Tech-Meetup? Write us, we are interested!


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