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With just over 20 employees, our team of developers is relatively small. But more than 10 years of experience in joint software development makes a big difference. As a reliable partner, Peerigon supports your process with minimal overhead from prototype to market maturity. After all, it's hard to assemble an in-house team with expertise in every aspect of product development. We love complex challenges and help fill whatever gaps you may have with state-of-the-art JavaScript software development - in a committed, goal-oriented and sustainable manner.

Expand your resources | Trust in the project's schedule

Maintaining, documenting and disseminating project-specific knowledge takes time. The better the project team and stakeholders are coordinated, the smoother the process. We place great importance on building working relationships on equal footing. In doing so, we rely on the principles of the Agile Manifesto. But even before considering any methodology, we believe that all involved parties should have the power to think and act independently. Steadily increasing team trust pays dividends - providing our clients with greater planning security to name an example. For proof, look no further than the many successful software projects that we have contributed to in recent years in our case studies.

High technological bandwidth | In-depth JavaScript experience

We were already focusing on Node.js, JavaScript and React when we were founded in 2012. This made us one of the first agencies in the German-speaking world to put all our chips on JavaScript, both in the front-end and back-end. And the gamble paid off: our unique, in-depth JavaScript expertise is our most important asset today. We actively advocate for the language through strong internal knowledge sharing and lectures at local universities. Our promise: Peerigon developers don't just implement, they bring a comprehensive understanding of web development to the team - technical expertise that translates to mature, sophisticated software solutions.

New perspectives instead of cookie-cutter recipes | Finding solutions in collaborative software development

The IT landscape is constantly evolving. New requirements continue to emerge for Web-based applications, demanding partners who have their finger on the pulse and provide pragmatic recommendations. Peerigon doesn't have a set product we repackage, and will not impose template-like specifications on you. Instead, we specialize in the day-to-day operations of software development and the complex challenges of different project phases, domains and industries. Our developers are up-to-date and have a passion for new technologies. This allows them to offer well-founded feedback on scalability, responsiveness, the sense and nonsense of cloud solutions, packages, frameworks, and more. The result is more creative and faster-paced development – a breath of fresh air for the project team.

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Our Success Stories | Successful case studies and cooperations

Whether infotainment systems, factory dashboards, or progressive web apps, our team of developers will support you. Together with your team we increase creativity and productivity and give your project more drive. Successful examples of our team support can be found here.

In it for the long haul.

We are committed to the long-term success of our clients and their software. Working with our clients for the long term helps them and us to create great work that stands the test of time. No matter the time or the place, we are there for you:







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