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IT staff augmentation services | Frontend and Backend, from start to end.

Agile team of three software developers in a remote meeting

Realistically, no single developer can manage full stack software development alone. And with project teams, having everyone on the same page can have a huge impact on quality and performance. This is where Peerigon can help. Our web project support complements your team on demand. Short or long-term. Cross-platform and scalable. No matter the circumstances, our experienced specialists are eager to assist you.

Expand your resources | More flexibility, less stress

Of course, you can develop your web projects on your own - but why should you? Simply hand over complex development tasks and in exchange receive flexibility and confidence in your timeline. Handy for optimistic deadlines, tight budgets, or when your staff already has enough on their plate.

Speed up development | Turbocharge productivity

When faced with internal project questions, those in charge must walk a fine line between the promise of possibility and the limitations of reality. Once you find yourself lost in the details, it is difficult to handle these decisions alone. But the Peerigon web project support can help put you back on track. Whether backend or frontend, UI or UX: Our full-stack team players structure, simplify and accelerate decision making for you.

A breath of fresh air for the agile team | New perspectives instead of old habits

With Peerigon web project support, your team will grow more agile and dynamic. We make our developers your own, so you can break old patterns and benefit from the latest know-how. This increases team productivity, creativity, diversity, and brings new perspectives to every daily and code review.

Performance can be planned for. Book Peerigon web project support now!

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Our Success Stories | Successful case studies and cooperations

Whether infotainment systems, factory dashboards, or progressive web apps, our team of developers will support you. Together with your team we increase creativity and productivity and give your project more drive. Successful examples of our team support can be found here.

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In it for the long haul.

We are committed to the long-term success of our clients and their software. Working with our clients for the long term helps them and us to create great work that stands the test of time. No matter the time or the place, we are there for you:


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