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At Peerigon, custom software development means tackling problems, weighing all the options, and bringing projects to the finish line. For mobile or web applications, from the first idea to the first launch and long after. That's why we don't write code willy-nilly. We create mature and scalable software solutions that work. That brings joy to the users and the expected results to you.

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Help your app ideas take flight | From the first product idea to the finished prototype

Peerigon developers and UI/UX designers demonstrate what an idea can become every step of the way. On the path to marketability we test your product in every aspect and on all platforms. From the first brainstorming session to each successful release.

What does that mean for you? Ask our customers:

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Equipped for the mobile future | Mobile apps which run on every platform

Responsive website or mobile app? Our Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the advantages of both software solutions and are the perfect fusion of shorter development time and reduced development costs. And we certainly won't cut back on quality.

Peerigon Progressive Web App clients:

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Modernize and profit | Modernizing outdated software

It isn't feasible to endlessly reinvent your digital products. But we can upgrade them to the latest standards with a manageable amount of effort. That means you don't miss out on digital innovations, remain competitive and you keep your digitization costs low.

We have already delivered software updates to these customers:

Wondering what you need to kickstart your next Web App? A short telephone call or e-mail. We are looking forward to it!

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“The release of our product is finished! What a great feeling! We are looking forward to the further development with you! You have always remained calm and professional, and have delivered on time with enthusiasm. That's what makes cooperation fun!”

How you benefit from our custom software development services

What benefits can we provide for you? How much time do you have? Here you will find our most important value-adds at a glance. And everything that makes working with Peerigon so special.

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Our custom software development tech stack

JavaScript, HTML and CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, and much more: We speak your programming language.

We will discover new software development possibilities...

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