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In software development, some technical challenges only become apparent during the implementation phase. Our Peerigon software consulting experts help when these unwelcome surprises arise. With our expertise in the JavaScript ecosystem and years of collaborative software development, we are a partner you can trust. The basic idea behind all Peerigon consulting services is that we want to give your team the support you need so that you will eventually no longer need us. We systematically examine problems, analyze weak points, and identify their causes. We then track down areas of opportunity and make specific recommendations for action that will help you move forward.

Software Development Consulting: The word on the street | Take advantage of best practices

When the constant change of digitization refuses to hit the brakes, it's easy to find yourself left in the dust – but that doesn't have to be the case. With IT Consulting from Peerigon you benefit from the latest know-how, tech trends, efficient processes, and agile methods. With our support you will be able to produce scalable and high performance software. You won't just be keeping up; you'll be leading the pack.

IT expert knowledge | Honest, critical, constructive.

Tough questions will inevitably bubble up during internal software development. Are we still on the right track? What can we optimize here? Is there a more practical solution? With software development consulting from Peerigon, you get independent expert opinion. We recognize both larger problems and smaller mistakes, and we provide with our consulting packages pragmatic tips, reviews, and evaluations. Critical, honest and above all: constructive.

Sustainable software architecture | Knowledge (the useful kind)

Coding isn't everything; proper planning is half the battle. We can help you make the important decisions from day one. In the cloud or on-site? Which hosting provider best fits the project, which container technology is the right choice? Should we use TypeScript in our software development project? Being already familiar with the pros and cons makes it easier to choose the right tools. This way you avoid time-consuming, cost-intensive chains of errors and guarantee a future-proof digital workflow.

Simplify, Enhance, Engage | User Experience Design

Our UX/UI services strongly emphasize User Experience (UX), a crucial factor for a product's success. This means ensuring that the structure and organization of information on the user interface are logically arranged, easily understood and accessible. Especially in the B2B sector, a positive User Experience not only contributes to a higher level of product acceptance. Our UX Design also ensures that users achieve their goals efficiently and can deal with challenges and tasks with ease.

User Interface Design | User-Centered UI Solutions

How do buttons, icons, colors, and fonts come together to create a good user experience? Our UI designers understand the nature of the web and consider essential design factors to ensure a consistent and engaging experience across various platforms. Typographic choices enhance visual balance and readability. Prioritizing accessibility (A11y) ensures that all users can use a product seamlessly. And responsive design guarantees that your product works optimally on various devices and screen sizes.

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These companies trust us on software development consulting.

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Visually impaired person using a smartphone



Pushing for an inclusive Web |

Assessing Accessibility

Your Bluetooth mouse ran out of battery so you switch to keyboard navigation. Doesn't work? Frustration towards websites with poor accessibility is something that many users encounter – for some an every day occurrence. Good user experience and accessibility benefits everyone and pays off for website owners. In just a few hours we will prepare you to meet all WCAG standards.

For whom?

Frontend developers, design teams, product owners


Your web presence is flawlessly usable for all customers anytime and anywhere.

Developer explaining Cypress e2e testing



Scale your application with ease |

E2E testing with Playwright

You are working on an agile software project. As it grows, the testing procedures become more tedious, time-consuming and error prone. We gained experience with E2E tests in our projects and discovered how to best integrate them into our development process. Playwright is an awesome tool but it requires some experience to build a reliable test suite. Best practices are similar yet different from what you might be used to from Unit Testing. We are going to teach you what works for us and how to apply these techniques to your application.

For whom?

Those annoyed by long test suites, QA teams who want to automate


Ship new features without regressions and expand the test coverage.

Page Speed Performance Optimization



Get your page up to speed |

Page Performance Optimization

Good web performance is not only of fundamental importance for a pleasant user experience. It also represents a decisive SEO ranking factor – especially since the Google Web Vitals Update 2021. If you want your individual web setup analyzed, our Page Performance Optimization consulting is the perfect fit for you. Our performance experts find bottlenecks, suggest quick wins, and create a list of the most reasonable action items. Our goal: identify which levers to pull to increase the load speed of your web app.

For whom?

Owners of slow websites, People interested in CDNs


Maximize Page Speed for your Setup

Our software development consulting tech stack

JavaScript, HTML and CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, and much more: We speak your programming language.

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Raimund Seibold

Co-Founder & CEO Boxbote Logistics

I have known Peerigon for a very long time now and have been a big fan from day 1. Peerigon even motivated us at Boxbote to introduce a more sustainable delivery packaging. A few weeks ago, we booked some technological advice and it was really good. The team at Peerigon works totally at eye level and in a goal-oriented manner. Absolutely recommendable! A+

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