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Giving back – our annual donation initiative


January 13, 2022

Company values and responsibility

I am a new team member here at Peerigon, and one of the reasons I applied for the job as team assistant was the company culture they promote on their website and on social media, as it is important to me that my employer shares my values. Since I started here in September 2021, I got to experience a very special work environment that made me feel welcome and appreciated. I also witnessed that principles like sustainability, diversity, transparency, participation and responsibility are being taken very seriously and practiced, both internally in the team and in the greater community. The annual donation initiative is just one example for that. You can read more about the origins of the donation initiative in our blog.

After a year with its highs and lows, we at Peerigon feel lucky and thankful for the trust and support of our team, customers and partners. And in this spirit we think it is even more important to give back. So, in December the team was encouraged to suggest initiatives and organizations and present to the others why they feel passionate about them. In an anonymous poll, using our own voting platform konsens, each team member could rank the nominated projects and thereby allocate points. The six projects with the highest scores were selected and received a donation.

This year’s projects

  • civilfleet-support e.V., project: „“: the initiative organizes and supports civilian sea rescue and refugee aid projects.
  • e.V. advocates for digital liberty rights and lobbies for a technologial development in service to freedom, solidarity and public interest.
  • World Bicycle Relief gGmbH developes and provides durable sustainable bikes to help people in rural regions of developing countries to thrive.
  • Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. developes software and provides infrastructure to support fact-based political discourse, in order to promote transparency, digital literacy and the ethical use of technology.
  • Lichtblick Seniorenhilfe e.V. helps senior citizens who are affected by old-age income poverty.
  • Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. is an international, independent medical humanitarian organization which provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.

Giving Back Beyond Donations

Donating, for us, is a way to give back and play a responsible part in our society. But we also know well that our contribution is only a little one, and there is still a lot of work to be done. Companies, customers and communities can and should thrive together, and acting responsibly is a task that we cannot do alone. In cooperation with others we can take the first step and hopefully one day make a difference. We would be very happy to hear about your ideas and experiences! You can reach out to us on @peerigon (simply @ or DM us) or Thank you!

Stephan Batteiger, Peerigon Co-founder

Do you have an interesting donation project for us?

Dear readers, do you have a great donation project in mind that should definitely be supported by Peerigon? Feel free to send us your suggestions. We are looking forward to your ideas. Thank you very much!







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