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Vue.js workshop | Building stunning user experiences with Vue.js

Why Vue.js is an excellent choice for those who like to keep projects light and simple

Vue.js is the youngest sibling in the major web framework family of Angular, React and Vue.js. Started as a recreational project, it wouldn't take long before it led founder Evan You to quit his job at Google and start working full-time in open source development (by the way, there's a great documentary on his story). But the age of Vue.js doesn't make it any less mature. On the contrary: Vue.js had the unique advantage to learn from the mistakes of its predecessors. That is why it has become the first choice for the fast growing tech giants from China, such as Baidu.

Why Vue.js and not React?

This is a question we get a lot and actually it's easy to answer: Why spend hours setting up your project when you can produce results right away? 😉 That's a bit of an exaggeration of course, but in essence it's true: Vue.js has a built-in solution for many typical web application requirements. For the project setup there is the Vue-CLI, for routing there is the Vue-Router and for sophisticated state management there is Vuex. Vue.js solves concrete user problems instead of tinkering with meta-topics like the build setup.

Is this Vue.js training in the cards for you?

Does buying expensive brushes make one a good painter alone? Of course not. It's the same with choosing a web framework. Vue.js is an excellent tool, and in our workshops you will learn the tricks to use it productively. We have had the experience that Vue.js is also happily adopted by teams that are currently switching from another programming language and therefore prefer an uncomplicated entry into the world of single-page apps. For example, we supported KUKA AG in retraining two project teams to use Vue.js.

Trainer showing something during a Vue workshop
Trainer shows Vue fundamentals during a Vue.js workshop

Our content modules for your Vue.js workshop

Honestly, run-of-the-mill workshops are not our thing. We want to take your prior knowledge and interests into account, which is why we developed the following content modules that you can combine to build your individual workshop program.

Vue.js Fundamentals

  • Overview
  • First steps with the Vue-CLI
  • Single-file components
  • Templates
  • Directives
  • Data-binding
  • Conditional rendering
  • Rendering lists
  • Handling events
  • Handling form input
  • Reactivity
  • Components
  • Lifecycle hooks

Vue.js Advanced

  • Asynchronous API calls
  • Composition of components
  • Emitting custom events
  • Reusable components with scoped slots
  • Routing with Vue-Router
  • State management with Vuex
  • Animations

Composition API

  • Basics of composition API
  • Reactive variables with ref
  • The power of computed properties
  • When to use watch
  • Other utilities


  • Testing Vue.js components
  • With Jest
  • With Vue Testing Library
  • With Storybook
  • With Cypress

SSR or SSG with Nuxt

  • Architectural overview
  • Configuration and commands
  • Routing
  • Async data and views
  • Understanding Nuxt plugins and modules
  • TypeScript support

Currently migrating your frontend stack to Vue.js? This workshop is often combined with a crash course in modern JavaScript. Based on a personal preliminary talk, we create a workshop program tailored to your individual needs. Just write us an email or give us a call!

Michael and Paul from Peerigon

Your contacts for our Vue.js workshops: Paul Torka and Michael Jaser

The benefits of our Vue.js workshops

  • No boring lectures. Instead of spending hours discussing theory, our workshops get straight to the point. 75% of the time is spent coding, we promise!

  • Optimal support. We don't abandon workshop participants who may fall behind. From our teaching experience we know how important quick help is when someone gets stuck.

  • Practical exercises. Abstract exercises are fine, but we prefer to solve the tricky problems that arise in everyday development.

  • Up-to-date content. Our slides and exercises are updated continuously to the latest Vue.js version.

  • Customized content. In a preliminary discussion we mix and match the desired workshop topics with the participants.

Our workshop offer at a glance

Participation fee

The basic price for this workshop starts at 3290 EUR/day, covering included services, trainer(s) and all the workshop materials you'll need. Are you interested in further information? Just write us an email and get your personal offer today!

Time and place

1 to 5 days of workshop sessions either inhouse or remote. If needed we are also happy to organize a venue in the Munich area (including catering).


You can book this workshop in English or German. Workshop materials such as slides and exercises will be in English.

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H. Bronner

Product Owner at KUKA AG

“Considerably better than other trainings, since it was well structured and prepared, especially the practical part.”

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Portrait of software developer and Peerigon founder Johannes Ewald

Your person in charge for Vue workshops

Johannes is Co-Founder of Peerigon and longtime member of the Core Team of Webpack. Since 2013 he has given lectures on JavaScript, TypeScript and node.js for the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Johannes speaks regularly at conferences, with his current areas of interest being scalable software architectures with TypeScript and optimized build processes. As a sought-after speaker at international events such as the JSConf in Iceland, the ReactiveConf in Prague and the Frontend Developer Love in Amsterdam, he actively demonstrates his commitment to the open source community.







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