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TypeScript workshop | Less bugs and happier customers with TypeScript

Why TypeScript is a good choice for your ambitious web project

JavaScript is the ideal language for small projects and quick proof-of-concepts. But as the software grows mature, the demand for reliability and maintainability increases. At this stage the last thing you want to be seeing are more "undefined is not a function" errors. TypeScript can help to avoid such errors before they are passed on to your users. And the nice thing about it: Even if your project started without TypeScript, you can still retrofit it in existing JavaScript projects.

A solid foundation for large projects (and for the small ones that dream big)

In a very short time, TypeScript has become the new industry standard on the web. If you have the highest demands of software quality and reliability, there is no avoiding Microsoft's programming language. With TypeScript, clear data models and clean interfaces can be defined in no time at all. A nice - but not to be underestimated - side effect is the increased productivity during refactoring. For this reason, an investment in a TypeScript training course pays for itself after just a few months.

Is this TypeScript workshop right for you?

Our TypeScript workshop is the perfect foundation for ambitious web developers. We support teams coming not just from JavaScript, but other programming languages as well. For the workshop we usually require solid knowledge of JavaScript, but if required we can combine the TypeScript workshop with a JavaScript crash course. At KUKA AG, for example, we were able to support two teams of C# developers in switching to TypeScript.

A large group of students with trainer Johannes Ewald during a TypeScript workshop
Group of software developers during a typescript workshop

Our content modules for your TypeScript workshop

Honestly, run-of-the-mill workshops are not our thing. We want to take your prior knowledge and interests into account, which is why we developed the following content modules that you can combine to build your individual workshop program.

Typescript Fundamentals

  • Basic types
  • Union types
  • Top types and bottom types
  • Collections
  • Readonly collections
  • Type aliases
  • Enums
  • Intersection types
  • Function types
  • Classes
  • Interfaces

Advanced TypeScript

  • Structural vs. nominal typing
  • Type inference
  • Type assertions
  • Type guards
  • Function types
  • Type queries
  • Tagged union types
  • Generics
  • Index signatures
  • Mapped types
  • Conditional types
  • Utility types

TypeScript in practice

  • Configuring TypeScript properly
  • Setting up optimal build processes
  • Fixing type problems with 3rd-party packages
  • Pragmatic coding guidelines for TypeScript projects

Are you currently retraining your team? We can gladly combine this workshop with a crash course in modern JavaScript development. Based on a personal preliminary talk, we will adjust the workshop content to your specific needs. Have we piqued your interest in this TypeScript training? Simply send us an email with no obligation!

Michael and Paul from Peerigon

Your contact for our TypeScript workshops: Paul Torka and Michael Jaser

Martin Lechner

Martin Lechner

Full stack engineer at Autoscout24

“Johannes & Jannik gave a custom tailored workshop aimed at bringing our developers up to speed on Typescript + React. We were 100% satisfied from beginning to end.”

Our workshop offer at a glance

Participation fee

The basic price for this workshop starts at 3290 EUR/day, covering included services, trainer(s) and all the workshop materials you'll need. Are you interested in further information? Just write us an email and get your personal offer today!

Time and place

1 to 5 days of workshop sessions either inhouse or remote. If needed we are also happy to organize a venue in the Munich area (including catering).


You can book this workshop in English or German. Workshop materials such as slides and exercises will be in English.

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The benefits of our TypeScript workshop

  • No boring lectures. Instead of spending hours discussing theory, our workshops get straight to the point. 75% of the time is spent coding, we promise!

  • Practical exercises. Abstract exercises are fine, but we prefer to solve the tricky problems that arise in everyday development.

  • Optimal support. We don't abandon workshop participants who may fall behind. From our teaching experience we know how important quick help is when someone gets stuck.

  • We know what we're talking about. We use TypeScript daily in our customer projects. This is how we ensure our workshops address actual issues from working with the language.

  • Customized content. In a preliminary discussion we mix and match the desired workshop topics with the participants.

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Portrait of software developer and Peerigon founder Johannes Ewald

Your person in charge of TypeScript workshops

Johannes is Co-Founder of Peerigon and longtime member of the Core Team of Webpack. Since 2013 he has given lectures on JavaScript, TypeScript and node.js for the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Johannes speaks regularly at conferences, with his current areas of interest being scalable software architectures with TypeScript and optimized build processes. As a sought-after speaker at international events such as the JSConf in Iceland, the ReactiveConf in Prague and the Frontend Developer Love in Amsterdam, he actively demonstrates his commitment to the open source community.







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