sustainability report 2019

Sustainability report 2019 | Our efforts towards more sustainability in our company

The Sustainability Report is the annual sustainability logbook of the Peerigon Sustainability Passion Group. Every year, we collect and evaluate company-related data on the topic of sustainability. What's it good for, you ask? To establish our guidelines and sharpen our critical eye. To continue to operate successfully as a responsible company in the future. And to discover opportunities for more room for improvement. Have a look!


#1: Transportation | Cycling together for the climate

The Initiative JobRad aims to create incentives in Germany to cycle to work. It is low-emission and good for the environment, fun and keeps you fit. In 2019, we took advantage of bike leasing with four registered bikes in the second year. We've also been pedalling collectively: As part of the campaign "Stadtradeln" 2019, nine of us covered more than 1000 kilometres in July. Thus, we were able to avoid 145.6 kg of CO2 in 3 weeks.

Illustration of clean tab water

#2: Drinking Water | Drinking water ≠ Drinking water

In recent years, we have ordered hundreds of cases of bottled water throughout the year (and supported initiatives such as Viva Con Aqua). Then came 2019, Augsburg became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And we switched to tap water - bottled and sparkling! This allowed us to reduce our drink orders to a minimum. Not enough? Three more reasons why we are tap water fans:

  • you can't get more local, no transport route
  • no filling procedures, no plastic, no waste
  • outstanding controlled quality
Illustration of a food delivery

#3: Sustainable packaging | Noble, noble: stainless steel instead of plastic waste

In close cooperation with the local delivery service Boxbote, we tried out Tiffin boxes for our regular lunch orders as a pilot project. And found them to be good. Instead of cardboard boxes and Styrofoam, our food now comes in reusable stainless steel boxes. With Boxbote, which delivers mainly by bicycle, we are now also reducing packaging waste in this area.

#4: Personal Peerigon Dashboard | How much sports can I still do this week?

We work with time budgets, a lot. Every Peeri gets a dedicated budget for training and sports. But how much do I have left? Do I currently have overtime? Oh, and how do these budgets change when I work part-time? Using the API of our time tracking tool and the micro-frontends architecture we built ourselves a dedicated place to find answers to these and more questions. Born as a master thesis project the dashboard has become an important tool for employees to control their individual time budgets. But please excuse me now, I have to go out for a run in the woods!

Our report in facts and figures

In this part, we document numbers and facts. Each plays a vital role in our efforts for more sustainability and social responsibility in our company. We look at parameters such as carbon emissions and energy consumption, resources and our future direction.


EUR donations


km Carsharing


Nodeschool participants


kg CO₂ emissions (have been offset)


Kilometers traveled by Train




hours of sports

We are carbon neutral*

For 2019, for the first time, we balanced our entire CO₂ consumption - from energy and heating to office supplies and business travel. This resulted in a footprint of 31,406 kg CO₂ for 2019, which we had verified by Climate Partner. Together with a safety margin (simply because somewhere an estimate always remains uncertain), we offset our corporate carbon footprint via the Ecomapuá forest conservation project in Pará, Brazil. We are pleased to be one of the first climate-neutral IT service providers in Bavaria and hope to further reduce our emissions in the following years.

* As the term climate neutral has been under criticism, ClimatePartner has changed its label since 2023: Companies with a financial climate contribution is the appropriate term.

Personnel and community engagement

If we want to consistently implement our claim to sustainable management, it is not enough to look at the key figures. In our service company, committed employees are the decisive factor for success. That's why the "Peeris" play an important role in determining the company's policy and goals. The aim is to create an appreciative environment in which all colleagues can develop and give their best in the long term.

Sustainability is a team effort.

Sustainability needs binding rules, clear structures, and a sense of responsibility for each individual. In our day-to-day work, we ensure that our activities fit in with our philosophy and core business. But we are aware that this is only the beginning. Small gestures are not enough. And acting responsibly cannot be done alone. Making our working world more sustainable is a task that affects our entire frame of reference. With your help, we can take the first steps to make a difference.

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