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React Basics Workshop | Say goodbye to spaghetti code with our React Basics training!

An interactive training about the basics of React instead of off-the-shelf knowledge: During the training, we pass on the coding skills of our most experienced web developers. Our trainers take the time for direct, personal feedback. Book a free appointment now!

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React Basics in november

Our trainers pass on their IT knowledge to you. Clear, interactive and above all: practical.

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Why Reactjs? | Program sophisticated web applications with React

React is by far the most popular framework for modern web applications. Numerous well-known companies – such as Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix – rely on React in their front end. Why? Often older web applications tend to accumulate indispensable and difficult to maintain code. With React, however, it is much easier to produce reusable and simpler code.

Prerequisites | Build on your JavaScript skills and master JSX

To be able to follow the React Basics workshop, you should have a good understanding of JavaScript. Our training is ideal for beginners but also those who already have some experience with React and want to get started with a good foundation. We have tailored the content of our React workshop to help you overcome the first hurdles with ease.

Benefits | What's in it for you?

The old saying applies here too: No pain, no gain. React is a very powerful tool that offers a lot of freedom of choice. Especially in the beginning, however, this is can prove as quite a hurdle. So instead spending hours of reading blog posts or studying videos, we give you the opportunity to chat and ask questions! In our workshop, you can expect:

  • direct help & feedback instead of lecturing
  • Exchange with a group of like-minded people
  • Time for questions about your React project and feedback from experienced developers

Contents of the React Fundamentals Workshop | Everything we will tackle at a glance

  • Overview
  • Basic tooling setup
  • React elements
  • Understanding JSX
  • Props and prop types
  • Functional components
  • Introduction into React Hooks
  • Component composition

and in between: a lot of hands-on exercises

Our workshop offer at a glance

Participation fee

The basic price for this workshop is 400 EUR/day, covering included services, trainer and all the workshop materials you'll need. Are you interested in further information? Just write us an email and get your personal offer today!

Time and place

1 day remote workshop (2 sessions à 3 hours).


You can book this workshop in English or German. Workshop materials such as slides and exercises will be in English.

Portrait of three software developers during a workshop

The benefits of our React workshop

  • No boring lectures. Instead of spending hours discussing theory, we get straight to the point with React.js. 75% of the time is spent coding, we promise!

  • Up-to-date workshop material. Our slides and exercises are completely written in functional components and hooks.

  • Optimal support. We don't abandon workshop participants who may fall behind. From our teaching experience we know how important quick help is when someone gets stuck.

  • We know what we're talking about. We use React in our customer projects every day. This means we can ensure you that our workshops address real-world problems that we ourselves have encountered.

  • Practical exercises. Abstract exercises are fine, but we prefer to solve the tricky problems that arise in everyday development.

  • Customized content. Our exercises are designed to give you a good introduction to the world of React. If you already played around with React: get ready to gain some new insights and deepen the fundamentals!

  • Excellent support by all popular editors and IDEs (Our recommendation: VSCode).

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Your contact person for the React Basics Workshop

Irena is passionate about web development and diversity. As co-organizer and mentor of the NodeSchool and the Girls Day at Peerigon, she is always happy to share her knowledge openly.


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