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Why Node.js is a good choice for your ambitious web project

Node.js has long established itself as a serious platform for scalable (not only enterprise) server applications in JavaScript. State-of-the-art technological concepts and paradigms make Node.js unique for the development of high-performance applications. Bring your team up to date: Our experts will be your guide into the world of npm and require.


Workshop Content | What we cover

In addition to these modules, we also assist you with individual questions and stubborn code. After a general introduction to Node.js, participants will learn everything about packages, asynchronous I/O, implementing and deploying complex APIs and more.

  • Node.js Introduction
  • Modules and Dependency Management
  • Data flow control
  • Creating APIs
  • Testing and CI/CD
  • Troubleshooting and error handling

This is how we run our Node.js workshops

It is important for us to cater the workshops to the requirements and skills of the participants. We focus on small groups and individually tailor content. In a personal preliminary discussion, we clarify questions and build an agenda together fine-tuned to your needs. In order to guarantee ideal support, we have designed our workshops for a maximum of five people. Larger groups can be supported by additional instructors.

  • Experienced instructors
  • Modular design
  • Plenty of practical exercises & examples
  • Best practices
  • An individualized agenda
  • e.g. 2 blocks of 3 hours each

We also offer our workshops remotely, utilizing an interactive learning atmosphere based on tools like Zoom, GitHub, Slack or your infrastructure of choice.

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Portrait of software developer and Peerigon founder Johannes Ewald

Your person in charge of Node.js workshops

Johannes is Co-Founder of Peerigon and longtime member of the Core Team of Webpack. Since 2013 he has given lectures on JavaScript, TypeScript and node.js for the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Johannes speaks regularly at conferences, with his current areas of interest being scalable software architectures with TypeScript and optimized build processes. As a sought-after speaker at international events such as the JSConf in Iceland, the ReactiveConf in Prague and the Frontend Developer Love in Amsterdam, he actively demonstrates his commitment to the open source community.







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