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Full-stack Consulting | Harness our past experience for your project's future.

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When your development team needs a second opinion, the Peerigon IT Consulting experts are there to help. We analyze your project — catching programming mistakes, detecting potential weaknesses, and emphasizing the best bits. This means you receive clear, constructive recommendations for the next steps. And you always have the option for the Peerigon team to take part in development and give your software a boost.

IT-Consulting: The word on the street | Take advantage of best practices

When the constant change of digitization refuses to hit the brakes, it's easy to find yourself left in the dust — but that doesn't have to be the case. With IT Consulting from Peerigon you benefit from the latest know-how, tech trends, efficient processes, and agile methods. With our support you will be able to produce scalable and high performance software. You won't just be keeping up; you'll be leading the pack.

IT expert knowledge | Honest, critical, constructive.

Tough questions will inevitably bubble up during internal software development. Are we still on the right track? What can we optimize here? Is there a more practical solution? With IT Consulting from Peerigon, you get independent expert opinion. We recognize both larger problems and smaller mistakes, and we provide with our consulting packages pragmatic tips, reviews, and evaluations. Critical, honest and above all: constructive.

Sustainable software architecture | Knowledge (the useful kind)

Coding isn't everything; proper planning is half the battle. We can help you make the important decisions from day one. In the cloud or on-site? Which hosting provider best fits the project, which container technology is the right choice? Being already familiar with the pros and cons makes it easier to choose the right tools. This way you avoid time-consuming, cost-intensive chains of errors and guarantee a future-proof digital workflow.

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 Michael Jaser and Johannes Ewald, Peerigon Co-founders

Our consulting tech stack

JavaScript, HTML and CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, and much more: We speak your programming language.


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Raimund Seibold

Co-Founder & CEO Boxbote Logistics

I have known Peerigon for a very long time now and have been a big fan from day 1. Peerigon even motivated us at Boxbote to introduce a more sustainable delivery packaging. A few weeks ago, we booked some technological advice and it was really good. The team at Peerigon works totally at eye level and in a goal-oriented manner. Absolutely recommendable! A+

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