Company Report 2022 - Retrospective | Reflecting on Achievements and Lessons Learned

With our Company Report, we're looking back on our journey over the past year. In the spirit of our agile mindset and the essence of retrospectives in SCRUM, we chose the name „retrospective“ this year, and present this report as a collective review of our accomplishments and lessons we've learned. First, we’ll share the highlights of our shared successes, showcasing small steps where we feel we could really make a difference. We also invite you to explore our social media highlights, where we've tried to engage with our community and spark meaningful conversations. In our dedication to sustainability, we've documented our environmental efforts and progress. Our climate report provides an overview of the steps we've taken to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-conscious practices. No retrospective report would be complete without an overview of our key metrics and milestones. In this section, we present a concise summary of our accomplishments throughout the year, serving as a guidepost for our progress and future goals. Lastly, we proudly showcase the projects our dedicated Peeris invested their time and expertise in during 2021. These initiatives reflect our commitment to our clients and community, driven by passion and a commitment to innovation.

Team Training | COPE & Thursday Tryout

To promote experimentation, learning and knowledge sharing within our team we’ve introduced two regularly occurring sessions aptly named Thursday Tryout and Cross-Project-Knowledge-Sharing. Here we’ll show each other and try out new technologies, services, libraries or frameworks. These joint trainings were invaluable opportunities for us to come together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. From deep-dives into cutting-edge technologies to discussions on industry best practices, our joint trainings covered a diverse array of subjects, enabling us to broaden our collective knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to keep up to date with the latest trends and pick up on things you’d have otherwise missed.

B Corp Certification | B as in We go Beyond

As a B Corp, we’re committed to using our business as a force for good. That means we go above and beyond for our workers, customers, environment and community. And we’ve got a company structure that protects our principles. In this way, we're trying to be an ecologically and socially sustainable business, and balance purpose and profit. There’s only so much impact an individual business can have. That’s why we’re proud to be part go a global movement since July 2022 and to develop and implement new patterns of thought and action together. All about B Corp

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg | Lecture on "Corporate Culture and Leadership"

The world is changing and many people want to improve the status quo. Companies offer a great opportunity to rethink the current situation. The lecture "Corporate Culture and Leadership" at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to these current topics in order to show students ways in which they can design promising, creative, competitive and fulfilling work environments. In doing so, they are empowered to actively participate in the development of tomorrow's corporate culture and prepare for future leadership positions. Link to the lecture

Team Event(s) | Bridging the gap - how to come together as a distributed team

Peerigon became even more (physically) distributed in 2022. To deepen the connection that brings us together as a team, we rethought our team events. We introduced a spring and winter team week where we get everyone together. We work side by side, hang out, share knowledge and discuss ideas. In April 2022, we went to Dießen, Ammersee. With strict COVID self-testing rules we were finally enjoying some quality time together as a team. The jungle-themed hotel bar played an important role as well. Relaxing at the lakeside barbecue place and some refreshing swimming became some of our favorite memories.

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Our report in facts and figures

In this part, we document numbers and facts. Each plays a vital role in our efforts for more sustainability and social responsibility in our company. We look at parameters such as carbon emissions and energy consumption, resources and our future direction.

🚧 The analysis is still in progress. We will add it as soon as we have all the data on the basis of which, for example, our energy consumption from last year can be analyzed. 🚧

Personnel and community engagement

⏱ 442h

~ 20 sports disciplines including: 🏒 🚴 🎾 🏃‍♂️ 🏄‍♀️ 🥋 🏋️ 🧗 🧘 ⛹️

🏅 Top 5: Tanner, Paul, Jonas, Irena, Judith

2022 we kept the tradition of tracking a fortieth of our work week on sports and keeping our office-job-bodies moving. Next to the sports disciplines, you would expect, like (ice) hockey, biking, running or hiking, some Peeris also enjoyed a good sweat by digging up the day nursery sandpit, dismantling the Christmas bazaar or 'running the pain away'. 🥵 (We can assure you that the pain has indeed been ran away).

⏱ ~70 min

👤 per person

📆 per week


Collaborative growth is the cornerstone of success for any team. Over the past year, we continued to invest a significant amount of time and effort into refining our skills and expanding our knowledge. Through joint training like "COPE" & Thursday Tryout we dedicated a total of 374 hours towards enhancing our capabilities together. On top of that, each Dev devoted time to personal training, delving into resources such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and interactive tutorials. We accumulated an impressive 552 hours on personal training endeavours. However, in 2022 we also showed that this training time doesn't have to be focused on techy topics: through specialized training on mental health first aid (MHFA) we now have - next to our physical first responders - two Peeris dedicated to providing first aid on mental health issues. Thank you Leo & Irena!

💡 7 courses

🧑‍🏫 5 lecturers

We always valued having a good relationship with the local University of applied sciences in Augsburg. We were happy to add seven courses to the curriculum (partly lectures, partly supervision) and engage with like-minded students. Next to our annual JavaScript, Startklar & Node.js lectures, we were happy to hold a workshop on Git and elaborate on Corporate Culture and Leadership.

🤗 Hi! Niklas, Julia, Klara, Lea, Michael & Can

After the stagnating social contact during the pandemic years, we were happy to include six new Peeris in our team. Bright minds & team players that we are glad to call our teammates. Welcome!

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A bit of criticism: other aspects that came up in our retro meeting

During our annual team retrospective meeting, several concerns were raised that should be incorporated into our company report. However, we think acknowledging these aspects as a crucial initial step towards overcoming them. By recognizing the sources of dissatisfaction, we can collaborate to find solutions and make improvements.

One key issue that was highlighted is the difficulty of balancing family and career responsibilities due to unreliable third-party care. We acknowledge the importance of this matter and will take measures to explore and implement support options and potential solutions.

Another point that emerged was the challenge of working across different time zones, resulting in late working hours. We understand the strain this can cause and are committed to developing strategies that promote better work-hour balance and ensure adequate rest periods for all team members.

Workload, particularly for part-time employees, was also identified as a problem. We will analyze and optimize resources to ensure that everyone on the team has a manageable workload and can effectively manage their tasks.

The use of Microsoft Teams was discussed during the retrospective, and we take this feedback seriously. We will explore opportunities to enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of our communication and collaboration tools.

Furthermore, the absence of community events was noted. We recognize the value of such events in fostering team cohesion and dynamics and will make efforts to promote and include these activities more regularly in our calendar.

Additionally, the issue of a cluttered office environment was addressed. We understand that a clean and organized workspace is vital for individual well-being and productivity. Therefore, we will take measures to improve the workspace and ensure that our office is a pleasant and organized place where we can perform at our best.

By addressing and incorporating these concerns in our company report, we demonstrate our openness and commitment to tackling these challenges and effecting positive change. As a team, we will work together to find solutions and have a positive impact on our working conditions and environment.

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We tried to provide a good overview of the key points and milestones of the past year with our Retrospective. We hope it also helped you gain some insights into Peerigon as a company and maybe discover new ideas.

Peerigon developer during the strategy days

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Perhaps you missed one or two items of information when reading our company report. Or maybe you have any praise, ideas or suggestions on how we can improve the report in the future? We are looking forward to hearing from you!







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