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JavaScript cartoon: saying hello to JavaScript
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My first lesson: The joy of JavaScript

Judith Urban

November 9, 2018

Judith has started an apprenticeship at Peerigon in 2018 to become a professional web developer. As part of her weekly routine, she publishes a blog post each week about what she has been doing and what she has learned.

cartoon showing a person rummaging in a school bag, with a laptop in the background

Half a year ago, I decided to finally take the step and become a proper web developer.

cartoon showing a person wearing a school bag in front of a laptop and the javascript logo as a character saying hello

I worked hard and took every lesson I could get my hands on: HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and quite a bit of JavaScript as well…

cartoon showing the person with the school bag and the javascript logo on the shoulder entering an office, with people in front of laptops waving

…To finally become a trainee at a mighty JavaScript corporation.

cartoon showing a satisfied person with a coffee cup in front of a laptop

Where do you start if you want to build apps, but don’t know why things work sometimes and sometimes they don’t? Get back to basic syntax and gain a deeper level of understanding.

cartoon showing a confused person with question mark above the head in front of a laptop

Some of the concepts were quite new to me, but it wasn’t that hard, after all.

cartoon showing a desperate person in front of a laptop, the javascript logo examines the laptop with a magnifying glass

…Piece of cake, really.

cartoon showing a desperate person in front of a laptop, the javascript logo examines the laptop with a magnifying glass talking to the person

To be continued…

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