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Costs to develop an app – part 3: Five pitfalls to avoid

Moritz Jacobs


August 16, 2022

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Just like in any other project, there are always typical mistakes in web development that we should look out for. For the last part of our series "what does it cost to develop an app", we tried to find the best tips to keep development costs low.

Do you know the poem "the Sorcerer's Apprentice" by the German author Goethe (or Disney's adaptation in Fantasia)? "Spirits that I've cited | My commands ignore." – that's how the sorcerer's apprentice fared in the poem of the same name. Those who analyze these spirits and avoid them have a clear advantage. So we set out to find our own monsters under the bed. Here are our most valuable lessons learned which have a positive impact on budget planning.

The little house of horrors: unforeseen additional costs in software development

On the way to the first release, there are often obstacles lurking behind the next corners. We encountered some of them again and again, so we have compiled them in our glossary. Here they are:


Every app is unique - the wider the range of individual requirements, the more varied the costs of programming an app. In Part I of the series How much does it cost to build an app?, we used specific cost examples to show that the price of app development can vary greatly with certain requirements and the options chosen. Finally, in Part II, it became clear that the total development time accounts for the majority of the costs. Now, in Part III, we looked at the little house of horrors in software development and highlighted five "monsters" to avoid especially in the first phase. Like Goethe's sorcerer, you can now hopefully cast the spell: "To the lonely | Corner, broom! | Hear your doom." Because as you know the don'ts, you can avoid them... and create ideal conditions for productive custom software development.

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